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Zara Lipstick Review

I wasn’t expecting Zara to launch their makeup line here and I was pleasantly surprised to spot it in the app... anyway I’m glad its finally available now!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid product review or endorsement, I’ve not received any samples for it and I have purchased the lipstick (wish I would’ve got the lip highlighter too).

I had not planned on reviewing it but I thought I should share my feedback so let’s jump in!

I’ll like to begin with the cons first because I like saving the best for the last.

Zara is like the Chanel of Fashion brands, it’s undeniably very classy & iconic and thus you can expect the packaging to be equally sophisticated... I love the magnetic closure but the lipstick was chipped from top even though it was sealed, it had even smeared on the sides near the opening and on the tube, the tip was entirely wet due to moisture which wiped away half of my (precious) lipstick... I would’ve returned it but it’s non returnable and also out of stock.

I can see that there isn’t much gap between the tip of the lipstick and the top of their lid & probably due to that it scratches off when you try to close it. That must’ve chipped off my lipstick before they packed it.

Another con is that it irritated my lips slightly around the corners & edges, maybe because of the yummy smell... I have a very sensitive skin so I’m assuming it was a bit too strong for me, also, sometimes it takes a while for cosmetics to adjust and suit you. Secondly, I had tried Bobbi Brown’s lip balm an hour back and I didn’t like it at all, it was very sticky so I’m guessing, the lipstick didn’t like it either, lol! Maybe the combination didn’t work out. It could also be due to dry or chapped lips.

Anyway coming to the pros... I really wanted to like it but the irritation is putting me off, it’s too early for me to comment though.

Their packaging is great! It’s classy, minimalistic and non-fragile. I’ve even kept the mini pamphlet for my aesthetic blog because it’s just like the bullet/tube, contemporary, chic and very vogue-ish... love the red & golden font, has a typical 90’s cosmetic vibe to it.

I love the smell too, it’s got a hint of chocolate... and although it is on the stronger side, I actually like it -which is unusual because lipsticks can smell kinda bad or annoying especially if they are heavily scented.

The shade is great, it’s like a beautiful Pink, Mauve Nude which is unbeatable, I haven’t seen anything this smoothly blended before so it’s something I really admire...

The texture is amazing too. It’s has a beautiful velvet matte finish, they say it’s semi-matte but luckily it’s not greasy, shiny or creamy, when most brands fail to make proper powdery mattes, this one sticks to its claims and it’s not drying either like other cult beauty products...

Last but not the least, it’s highly affordable which makes it my favourite lipstick and I wish they launch more of these in India... it’s a boon.

I’m keen on trying other cosmetic stuff from here even though I don’t wear much makeup except for lipstick.

Final Ratings by MissFrenchLips:

4 **** out of 5



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