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The “Right” kind of attention...

Do u know what it’s like to have an impressive hinge profile but not a single like from the person of YOUR CHOICE? (Not talking about the guy who broke my heart/501 from the book) Or to have no one to share your stories, ideas, perspectives or youth with? It feels as though your coy, young, ingenue self, ingenuity & all the intellect are going to waste... Have you ever received several unwanted likes from uneducated, creepy, cheap, ugly uncles for your selfies which you’ve put there just to draw ppl (matching ur preferences) to your profile and answers?

I hate how superficial and nasty men are in this country!

I am not ashamed to say this explicitly that it sucks when you give a “chance” to unattractive losers, losers as in those who have a lousy speech, terrible grammar, worse personality, someone lacking wits and humour both, zero style, no job, no work or hobbies, nothing, except for plenty of friends, father’s money, inheritance, booze etc. You still give them a chance regardless of everything because u feel sorry for them. You start comparing urself to such creeps cuz unfortunately (and undeservingly) u know what it’s like to get blocked and dismissed... and then, bravo! You realise how fucking clingy they are, you assume they are nice but they fucking prove you wrong every damn time! You’ll see them religiously liking 20-30 selfies of your’s in a row at 2 am in the night while jerking off to sleep and it makes u feel so damn disgusted because you end up blaming urself for considering that person decent! It doesn’t stop there... most will then do the forbidden and that is: SEND U A desperate “Hiiii!!!” after ogling your pics and liking them at 2-3 am, what’s more is that they’ll expect you to video chat with them. They shouldn’t have introduced video calling here...

You still feel sorry so you just remove them from the list but then they start sending you requests till you actually block them. It’s horrible to survive here as a girl, you have to hear all sorts of nonconsensual things from desperate fucktards who nag you for a mutual consent... and receiving the wrong kind of attention is soooo very frustrating. U can’t even blame your decent selfies because there’s nothing titillating in them, everything arouses these pervs, even other men!

-Zara Céleste


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