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The 90’s are back!

I’m very fond of shoulder bags and I have an entire collection of baguette purses in various styles. I remember shortening the straps of my small sling bags to give them that look (of a 90’s purse) before these bags made a comeback... like I said, I have always been into them & I’m totally obsessed with my collection.

What I particularly love about the above pic where all these girls are trying to be snooty & sassy is their chic style - ankle tie sandals with cute bows, pumps, stilettos & pretty kitten heeled slip-ons, all paired with small clutches & baguette purses. The 90s & early 2000s were the trendiest years in the past three decades!

Such cute cropped “tops” have made a comeback too... so have high waist jeans to give you that doll like silhouette.

Lily Rose Depp in the above pic is seen wearing a pair of high waist denims in deep blue, she has matched it with a cardigan top and a black baguette bag with golden clasp lock in technical fabric.

Although my all time favourite bag would be the Metis from L.V. I’m more possessive about my small purses.

Luckily, I got it in an affordable price range when it was launched ie: on a random weekend (not that it didn’t burn a hole in my pocket) by Monday, it’s total value escalated to 185000/- ‘cuz Angelina Jolie was seen carrying it! The guys at LV excitedly told me “Mam the bag you booked on Saturday is selling at a double price now!” Lol! The invoice had already been generated so I didn’t pay more.

But, but, but...

that doesn’t mean I splurge.

I don’t believe in spending 8-50k on vintage designer bags (not disparaging ‘em) when I can get fresh new branded bags under 2000/- The straps are also adjustable...

This is clearly not something I would invest in:

Now I’ll like to present to you, one of my priciest possessions, my entire Collection of Baguette Bags... well they are not that pricey to be honest 🧿 Also, its a beautiful blend of pastels & neutrals.

I’ve been collecting them since the past 24 months... you’ll find better quality on None of them have crossed the average budget of 2500/- (INR) In fact, most are in the price range of 1200-1800 Also, they look far better in real life! Editing/Product Names & Description by Me.

Guess which are my fav top 3?

  1. The Stylish Burgundy Hobo Baguette (Faux Croc Leather) The packaging was great, freshest piece I could ever get, all metal pieces were carefully laminated in butter paper & plastic to avoid scratches and dents.

  2. Sassy early 2000s Soft Beige/Camel Purse with ajustable strap.

  3. Glamorous Padlock Chain Purse I used to admire this style when I was a kid... I would always think, “When I’ll grow up, I’d carry such handbags!” By the time I landed into my teens, we had oversized totes in style and these were nowhere to be found... they were more compact & compatible with smaller Nokia phones or flip sidekicks but when screens grew larger so did the bags. Luckily by my early 20s, we had baguette bags back in trend!


Zara Céleste

Stay Safe, Take Care.


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