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Polite Rejection to Avoid Dejection

Disclaimer: I never shared about that guy as in 501 with anyone including the girl I’ve mentioned in this post... inspite of her constant coaxing. She wanted to scoop out each & every detail of my personal life and she was hell bent on finding my secrets, well the truth is, I’ve never had a lot of “secrets” to share... I don’t know what she wanted.

I underestimated his hate, I thought if he is not interested or if he wants to reject me (after the “mutual swipe” and asking for my bb pin which was not less than cheating, if this is how it was all supposed to end up -Read my older posts, it will make anyone feel deceived) he’ll say something like “I’m busy, I’m not talking talking to anyone these days” (which would be similar to “it’s not you, it’s the timing”) or “I don’t think we’ll be compatible” if he got fickle or something. Or else, I assumed he might not say anything at all and sit there in my list quietly but he began liking my pics... religiously! Irrespective of everything, I underestimated his prejudice or whatever it was and I just have to be okay with it now. It’s not easy to be hated by someone u love the most in this whole world. You cannot expect them to love you back but why do you have to accept their hate either?

I basically found that app very addictive, especially the swiping part, although I was picky n I would constantly swipe left, there were ppl whom I had swiped right (who shared similar affinities) & I was talking to ‘em. When I realised few were fake n pretentious, as in they lacked emotional depth n all, I decided to distance myself and some didn’t take it very well so they got offensive and then I had to use the same line I expected him to say in order to “avoid” me (even tho I wasn’t like them, I was not preying on any1 n we had never even chatted) I said, “Sorry, I’m FOCUSING ON MY CAREER right now, so I keep very busy, I’m not replying to anyone. Maybe some other time, tc.” To this, one of them said, “So I’m anyone now?!” Lol!!! Dude... we’ve hardly chatted! Anyway, he was being ungrateful, had I been in his place, I would’ve been satisfied with this answer because something’s better than nothing n even if I would’ve realised it’s untrue, considering how smart I am, I would’ve still be been happy to hear from him. It’s reassuring to know that the other person at least respects you to some extent. You’ve gotta have some courtesy even if you don’t want to be honest. After a few months, I met an old school friend, she somehow fetched my old number n got in touch with my mom... I started hanging out with her cuz I wanted to divert my attention but she was pretty weird and I had to avoid her after she reminded me of my toxic friends who left no stone unturned to ruin my childhood n adolescence both. I started ignoring her because she was also getting extremely clingy, obsessive & intrusive, she had other issues as well which were making her intolerable n neither me nor my brother (who joined us a couple of times) were able to handle it. So I decided to take a break from social media as well as her texts but she kept bugging me. She would sporadically contact me now and again using some or the other excuse which is unsual cuz it’s more or less a tact to approach someone you like a lot or to initiate a conversation with them :/ I won’t say much but I was also asked, “You mean the world to me, don’t I mean anything to you?” I took everything calmly n told her that I’m not talking to anyone n there’s nothing to worry about, I’m just focusing on my health & career, that’s all...” and her immediate response was “So I’m anyone now?!” ... I shouldn’t be making fun of this but I can’t stop laughing because YES u are, so is everyone else! At least you are lucky to be that, I mean I’m not even

A-N-Y-O-N-E... I’m a nobody!


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