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Oh you have no idea!

Most people underestimate my illness (fibromyalgia) I don’t even voice it when I’m in tremendous pain... I like to keep it to myself because I don’t have anyone by my side, ever. It’s not easy to endure this level of excruciating throes on my own, by own every time. I don’t want to be around people as their cold behaviour and apathy is enough to send me into therapy and leave a huge impact on my mind. I’ve been derided and mocked & told, “This is nothing, small, small kids have cancer.” I don’t want to compare or trivialise anything but Cancer itself isn’t painful, the radiation therapy and all makes it intolerable but in fibromyalgia, one has to deal with a similar kind of pain each and every second of their life. There is facial tenderness, burning, stinging, throbbing and other unimaginable painful sensations throughout the body, you become sensitive to touch, you get constant headaches, bulging, painful veins and frayed nerves... it’s not a fucking joke! The illness isn’t progressive but people tend to commit suicide because who wants to lead a life full of pain and suffering, right? There is no cure. You get palpitations and disturbing, dismantling sleep apnea, involuntary jolts and jerks, twitching, etc. which are enough to get you breathless and probably even & kill you.


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