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a varied term with a range of different definitions.

It could mean Mother Earth, Mother of Holy Christ, Mother Nature or all of them combined... a force to be reckoned with, someone who gives birth to new ideas or thoughts, someone who takes care of you & tends to your wounds, even the deepest darkest scars; someone who fulfils all your needs altruistically without demanding anything in return. Someone who’s heart keeps beating unceasingly even after it is crushed.

This film is available on Amazon Prime, if you are in the mood for some warm caramel popcorn & pretzels in this nice stormy weather then you can go ahead and watch it. But beware! It might trigger your highly tuned, overtly conditioned, intransigent, fertile, brainwashed chauvinistic mind, just saying...

Fan art/Moodboard (by Zara Sauleh) explained: The chair represents those Godly (also impervious, intrusive & nosy) Guests who keep pouring at her house... The Elk stands for luxury and taxidermy (thanks to her well acclaimed author husband) also the wilderness which is both outside as well as inside the house. Typewriter againdenotes her husband, Slip dress stands for her insecurities which are initially depicted, where she feels she has to “grow up” to be “matured” enough to seduce her husband who is way older than her and whom she loves deeply... She keeps vying for his attention but he is an egoistic megalomaniac who finds greatness in pleasing everyone and winning their applause for his ‘too good to be true’ hospitality and graciousness. The Journal depicts his poems and scribblings that she is in love with, it also includes his deepest, darkest secrets and some of the disturbing facts from his past. The Swan-Headed girl is none other than Jennifer Lawrence’s character Veronica aka Mother who is a monogamous, devoted partner. That Stabbed heart placed on scriptures and inscriptions with some poetic old English calligraphy on top replicates the crystallised heart her husband fondly preserves on a pedestal as his “muse” for inspiration.

I had seen this movie ages ago but I remember it very well, it’s that relatable. I have it ingrained in my heart, soul and mind. Everyone’s behaviour has gotten so immature, imbecilic, crass, toxic, malignant, sardonic & callous that it has blurred the lines between humanity and diabolicalness. Their constant apathy reminds me of this movie which has an excellent plot and storyline. It perfectly depicts what women deal with on a day to day basis, how people project their own insecurities on them with the intention of wounding their delicate feelings and already hurt, almost broken fragile heart. We are surrounded by masses of blind zealous disciples who would do anything to push your boundaries and get the best of you...

J Law’s abiding performance, expressions & husky dialogue delivery is commendable

This film has received a lot of backlash, adversity, criticism & poor response at the box office because it is REALISTIC As Fuck! Unlike other usual pseudo feminist movies that generally revolve around toxic feminism & misogyny, which not only encourage but also sell and promulgate eroticism, sadism, gore violence, and objectification... this one emphasises on how a woman’s warm nurturing maternal instincts are exploited by a bunch of vile, blind indoctrinated malicious lunatics who do nothing but evil... they then conceal it with bigot polarity & diplomacy, it’s all fair and holy under the parables of “honourable intentions” & “inclusivity.

Veronica seems to be the only sane person in a madhouse where she’s shouting & screaming at shrewd, baleful, destructive people who are busy vandalising and destroying everything she has conceived and put together or more aptly pro-created so far (with great efforts, blood & toil) She suffers incessantly without shedding a single tear or complain... she also goes to great lengths to protect not only her unborn child but even her husband (who is way older than, whom she loves, respects and looks up to) and their relationship which is like a home to her. Just because she is soft hearted, sensitive and forgiving, it doesn’t mean she is passive, subservient or capitulated... She is stronger than one could ever imagine and at the same time, also very restrained, clever, pragmatic and resilient. She fixes his charred, dilapidated house from scratch with grit and vitality and fosters it by restoring everything that’s close to his heart (even if that means his previous spouse’s crystallised heart which he preserves on a “sacred” pedestal) She gives his home a new life - and growth by upgrading every single detail about it... she puts her heart and soul in reconstructing even the dirtiest niches and corners of the house by standing strong as a pillar to support her beloved husband who is moved by some incident in the past. She passionately integrates their living space with warmth, care, love and high spirits, so much so that at times she can even hear the heartbeats of the walls that surround her.

For someone like her who doesn’t lack any depth, it’s not only impossible to see but also feel all that is palpable, below the surface...

She also homes his kid for 9 months in her womb and shields him from destructive elements with her gentle reassuring touch & a protective hand on his cranium like a roof over your head.

The house & it’s walls are also a metaphoric and they reflect her guardian soul.

Other films only glorify expletives, drug abuse, sex and salaciousness, they are male centric & they are only made to appease Male audience.

According to them women have only one aim in life and that is “competing with men” for them, it defines “equality.”

Doing everything deplorable that those trashy, despicable guys do somewhere gives a sense of emancipation to those who feel suppressed (not oppressed) by male energy, they don’t strive for equal rights but freedom to do questionable, deviant things (which don’t raise many eyebrows now unless you are from some remote, rural area or village) Sorry but I have no place in a well cultured, sophisticated, civilised society for such deranged, NARROW/SINGLE MINDED people & their intolerable linear approach which doesn’t accommodate what most of us actually need. Instead of eradicating such toxic vices which harm everyone, sabotage relationships, families, innocent bonds, etc. we are busy saying let’s do the same shit, lets get baked to spite all the orthodox elders and make our boring personalities a bit more interesting!! If these trashy uncouth men can, then why can’t we? Even if their habits have led to our destruction, why can’t we?


Zara Céleste


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