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It hurts more than ever

“Everything is possible” except bringing someone back from death

or bringing back “lost time”

& lemme tell you, losing time or regrets are worse than dying...

Most of us who are aware of this are helpless, as always and eventually we have no hope left

We are at the mercy of those who take others for granted... simply because it’s impossible to make yourself happy if you are sane minded

Crazy people talk & laugh amongst themselves cause they are unaffected by reality and truth...

but unless it’s that, you’re doomed

We are often asked to “move on” but no one says how it’s supposed to be done...

you can’t demarcate the mind or make someone forever numb

to something which has been

so palpable & impactful

We are supposed to move on to what?

To whom?

Better times? Well you need someone to have better times and new memories. You can’t forget something until it is obsoleted...

One day, you will have to open your eyes to the truth & realise that things are very different from what they used to be, you will have to cope with the fact that they have changed irrevocably... and it’ll be like waking up from coma. Your world might fall apart and it would be almost impossible to live a life that has nothing left, I don’t think it’ll be even worth it.

People don’t see that it’s never easy to practice certain things which are only meant for preaching...

they want you to move on but no one wants to be a part of the process,

they leave you out on your own thanks to their immature, impractical outlook on life

which is further influenced

by bookish platitudes & catchphrases

They expect everyone to deal with things metaphorically or figuratively

like an author giving words to

her ineffable story...

They are not even equipped to teach anyone anything nor do they have a right to trivialise something they haven’t been through

Only you know your pain and frustration...

and none of them will ever have enough courage to be in your position. Ask me...

I know what it’s like to have your life stalled in an ever changing world which doesn’t stop for anyone.

And all I can say is, don’t wait for your time,

it may never come.


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