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H O W you are matters more than W H O you are... #Tales of Karma

I couldn’t find a better pic... sorry it looks very relaxing and I needed something like that.

Anyway, ignore my mobile language, I’m having a terrible headache right now... I’ve been crying since 4 am which isn’t unusual but I had to finish this fast so that I could hit the sack like everyday & avoid life.

Once when we were preparing for our French class, a girl on the nearby bench derided me for pronouncing something wrong which was very hurtful n humiliating & I wanted to snap back at her but I heard a voice, probably my own inner self saying, “Chuck it Zara, just chuck it, she’ll learn a lesson on her own.” Then after about 15 mins, when our teacher arrived, she asked her to read out something n she pronounced it horribly wrong n the whole class ended up laughing at her... they were all mocking her. I felt bad but it was like ‘Karma’, wasn’t it?

I had very, very insensitive girls in my batch (and group), they would arrogantly criticise the teachers n judge them on their appearance, looks etc, I’m ashamed to say this but my so called “friend” had targeting our sweet, silent & passive computer miss, she wud say, “She is so ugly, who wud marry her, ewww, just look at her!”. She’d always do that, I don’t know what her deal was. We were in 8th and I was 12 back then (due to early admission) and for me it was all quite shocking cuz I wud never imagine doing anything like that. Who’d expect a 13-14 year old, (she was older, most of them were) sensible girl to say such things, being on the first bench, she knew she was audible n the teacher clearly hear her... she had also spotted her (the teacher) crying in the corridors... so that was beyond insensitive actually. Anyway, she wud go to the extent of humiliating our school captain too with low, berating, derogatory comments only because she had chicken pox in 5th & the marks had not cleared up... this girl wud shun her (now, in 8th) by saying we’ll get her illness, she looks like a ****** n what not, blah blah. She (the captain) once tried on my fur collared ivory sweater (something which had earned me lot of compliments) n my “friend” was immediately like, “ewww now you’ll have to burn it! Hahaha... go home n throw it in the trash. Kudos to the girl btw for ignoring her... I felt very horrible so I immediately wore it n said “I won’t.” I knew I had to take a stand fo her, it was all so immature!

This too can be counted as a Karmic story because I never got chicken pox, as in I never had chicken pox as a kid n when my brother contracted it from someone at school (I was 14 back then) I could’ve easily contracted that a week prior to the onset or at least when he was diagnosed with it but I didn’t, luckily.

Xoxo Czar (Zara Céleste/Sauleh)


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