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Gifting Guide: What’s in the Stars for you?

The colour scheming was completely unintentional but u can form pairs here

Aries-Capricorn (Crémé de la Crémé) Sagittarius-Cancer (Midnight Blue)

Leo-Scorpio (#Constellations)

Virgo-Libra (Black Gold)

Gemini-Taurus (Lazy Afternoon)

Aquarius-Pieces (Dressy)

#Gifting Guide: What’s in the #stars ✨ for you?

Aries - “the risk taker”, studious with scholastic interests thus, a gothic, classy, Ivy League sweater

Capricorn - “Organised, obstinate” hence, a Bare Minimum Cream Sweatshirt with a rectangular rubberised print & bold font

Scorpios -Everyone’s fav, had to give ‘em the thematic constellations✨

Libra - “Happy go lucky” Under the Lucky star, starry night mug

Virgo - “Always associated with beautiful feminine vibes” so a rose comb which is very much lady-like

Taurus -High Maintenance

... and the rest, go figure!


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