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French Kiss

Disclaimer: This is not a paid promotion. I have not received any samples, incentives or deliverables for this product. The Review/Final Verdict is purely based on my own personal experience. It’s also highly subjective as I’m talking about a skincare product here and we all have different skin types, texture, requirements, etc. even our body composition & diet plays an important role in how we look. So my opinion can differ from your’s.

According to my own definitions & sensibilités, “Beauty” is all about how you feel... So yeah as an Aesthete, my Aesthetic in 7 words or less would be “Porcelain Skin sinking in the Warmest arms.”

Gladly someone thought it was beautiful.

Coming to the product I’ll be reviewing today...

It’s this Beauty:

Estée is known for its fancy packaging and this Doll is no exception. It’s doesn’t look like an ordinary lip balm, it’s in fact aesthetically more appealing than most other lipsticks & lip conditioners that you get. It comes in a sparkly pale pink bullet with the iconic logo on one side and shiny golden metal on both the ends... one of them has a tiny petal pink label which has the shade printed on it or something, didn’t pay much attention to that but the packaging won my heart!!

It’s also perfect for gifting, the soft baby pink colour exudes beautiful vintage vibes & that oh so 90s “Babygirl charm”... which I think is a must have for every aesthete like me. I had saved some money for this one “in particular” and told myself not to get addicted once it’s over but the bullet is hard to resist! Speaking of the lip balm, surprisingly it’s not sticky like most other balms... it’s in fact very light and smooth, it glides on easily in a single stroke, I guess it has little bit of sparkle or shine which is great if you wanna highlight your Cupid’s bow; the lip balm is just as fancy on the inside as it looks on the outside. It reminds me of those pearlescent lipsticks my mom used to have back in the 90s when I was a toddler; I would fondly rummage through her purse & belongings to explore all the makeup stuff... and I would always get fascinated by one of her lipsticks which was in a petal pink shade, it was somewhat similar to this balm. The quality is great as most other Estée products, it’s soft, luxe, non toxic, non-sticky, matte.

I’m not sure if it’s hydrating enough to moisturise chapped lips but I guess it’s not formulated for that, again I could be entirely wrong... It claims to have hyaluronic acid which can give you plump lips, I haven’t used it much to assert the same. Like I said it’s more of a lightweight, pretty in pink, ideal for gifting sort of a lip balm. Nothing greasy, buttery or sticky... I prefer other, more affordable ones for casual every day use to keep my lips plump and healthy, I don’t want to finish this one... lol in my opinion it’s like one of those which you’d rather save for your fancy baguette purses or when you have to look your best at home while lounging around.

I already have a cheaper (matte) lip tint for indoor use but this can also nourish the lips which is healthier so I would most definitely recommend this product, you can splurge on yourself once in a while. I just wish it would’ve been less pricey but I’m happy with my purchase. It makes me smile :)

Final Verdict

What I don’t like: The peppermint smell

What I love: It does make the lips soft & supple, doesn’t require reapplication, the packaging is great, product is non-greasy, non-sticky & lightweight


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Zara Sauleh


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