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I’d rather live every moment of Pain than miss it...

I am 25 & I have never boozed, smoked, been baked, taken drugs, kissed, etc.

I don’t need alcohol to be interesting.

My cognitive skills, autonomy, piercing intellect & incisive, eidetic memory are all very precious to me so I’ve obviously refrained from mind altering things such as substance abuse, vaping, anything that’ll make me “dependent”... Its natural to turn towards these things if you are grief stricken & you want to escape your sorrows or if you like indulging in psychedelics... but nothing can bring you solace or happiness, it cannot fill up that void, we all need love, this will never fix things or bring back lost time. I’d rather live in the moment than let it wash away in a blur with a cocktail of rum & tears.

Like Grace Kelly...

Also, yes, I have never had a boyfriend so as far as the last thing is concerned... I’m very picky, also everyone knows this fact (I once heard a guy admitting it) in India, girls want sophisticated, educated guys but guys only want dumb girls, well their choice sucks... that’s really cheap & desperate.


Your boring but also a lot crazy

- Badass Poetess

Zara Céleste


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