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Love is not a Crime

You will never fall out of love if people keep blaming you.

If you are being persistently pulled down or your self worth & goodness of heart, personality, other skills have been overshadowed and decimated by a few who’ve failed to acknowledge it,

then chances are the whole world might turn against you.

You’ll become their approved but unvalidated new toy or object of derision, everyone will start treating you like an underling, they’ll sadistically mess with you and your lost credibility... disdain you, consider you “low and unworthy.”

Generally people find it easier to detest the one who's “already detested”, they will never try to get to the bottom of things if they are shallow and vain; they won’t understand your feelings simply because they don’t want to, they haven't been through any of it but they'll feign to compete with your miseries... some might sympathise but never empathise just to feel better about themselves; and I'm not being overly pessimistic but there's actually no hope or place for a quivering heart & attached soul, in this world... at all. Not everyone’s like that but most are, they constantly feed their "inner demons" and then quote atticus for absolution. None of them have any qualms for how they are contributing to your pain & sufferings... someone rightly said, "Society prepares the crime and a criminal only commits it", in worst scenarios, they can turn love into aggression with their sardonically crude, insensitive attitude, they keep stoking hell's furnace by rubbing more salt and vinegar to your fresh, sore wounds and they have literally no idea about how much it hurts when you feel misunderstood.

I believe, when you are loved by one, you are loved by all... even if you don’t place special emphasis on superficialities and validation, people do. Your self worth can indeed be dictated & quoted by someone who loves you endlessly, promises an eternity and values you more than time which is far more precious than anything else, we all know it’s priceless! It might be fun and respiring to see a heartbroken person getting horribly rejected over and over again especially when you are not in their shoes but what people don’t realise is that if they keep saying it’s all your fault and they are just being “honest & realistic” not rude... if they repeatedly and very snidely ask what you’ve done to deserve someone’s hate as if they've never been through it themselves, if they keep suggesting “your mistakes” are unredeemable and that you’ll never be able to make up for them, for unalterable, irrémédiable things such as “your looks or appearance” then you’ll never get over anyone... #love is not a crime, there’s no need to "confessit, all you gotta do is express it.

Stay safe & take care!



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