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Espresso Velvety Créma vs Créma Intense

Today I am comparing Davidoff Espresso Créma Intense with Nescafé Velvety Espresso Créma

This isn’t a paid or monetised review/promotion, I’ve not been sent any samples or trial packs. I always wanted to share my own coffee review but I never really had a chance to do that since I’m sensitive to caffeine. Anyway, these were brought as a gift (I have my own gifting service) and I couldn’t resist trying them out so I got two more bottles and here’s my honest & detailed opinion:

Davidoff Espresso Créma Intense

This one comes in a super luxurious, fancy bottle which creates a nice impression, the colour scheming is also great! The coffee powder, well it has a nice ‘fragrance’... I didn’t use the word aroma for a reason here, the scent has a slight hint of caramel but overall it smells very sophisticated.

Now coming to one of the major cons, it’s not properly blended so every time you drink it you get a different taste and flavour in different servings. I use 2 teaspoons (in non diluted milk) but I don’t cook or heat it in a saucepan (no offence). I also avoid reheating it because it kills the taste and makes it literally bland! All in all if you use boiling milk or water or if you cook this coffee then it becomes tasteless... The packaging is undoubtedly very sophisticated and attractive but considering that and the flavour or should I say lack of it, this one’s sorta pansy for espresso aficionados. Not that strong, has a roasted, espresso, caramel flavour with chocolatey notes which I love but the base is pretty average... Its overtly bitter but that’s probably because they assumed it’ll taste more like “espresso” if there’s a raw edge to it.

The medicinal bitter-aftertaste is not blending well with everything else; because I got a strange tanginess too which makes it punchy, I know some coffees can be sour but this one’s downright zesty... Its like an exceptionally bitter, aromatic (plus points for that ‘perfumed’) chocolatey but off balanced average meh kinda coffee. I think it has room for improvement as it’s clearly not the best in this range. You can try it though not bad, not that great either. I like it but I won’t be able to say I love it. Buy it for the cocoa notes. Texture wise, the creaminess dies down to a mild froth unlike Nescafé which forms a thicker layer... there, the creaminess is intact till the very last sip! As for gifting, I would say the packaging is not just fancy, its glamorous!! There’s a shiny bronze-pink label on front with their signature navy blue base & cap but the taste is pretty standard so if the recipient is a lot into coffees then it would be hard to impress them.

Nescafé Velvety Espresso Créma

I don’t know why most people don’t find this strong... mind you it’s not freshly roasted Espresso, it just has a flavour which I think is better than ground coffee. Moreover, the base is the same as other Nescafé coffees which can get one nostalgic... the underlying original taste & aroma makes it warmer and nicer. It’s somewhat creamier and also surprisingly stronger than the super diluted coffee your coffee machine/brewery might make... (also better than the espresso they serve at coffee shops) you just have to use more quantity like 1 and a 1/2 to 2 teaspoons for a small cuppa (not a tiny tea cup) to build more strength that too if you like bitter coffees... I prefer mine like that, the bitter the better! It doesn’t make a toxic bitter concoction but it’s got the right amount of rawness to taste like a classic café blend. This coffee reflects a bold character which can be easily compared to freshly brewed tea... I drink it in milk as well as water, its got a delightfully rich texture which forms a thick layer of cream, there are mild cocoa/chocolaty notes. I’m never switching back to normal coffee after having this and it’s an absolute favourite!

Final Verdict: I wish I could blend Davidoff’s aroma/scent with Nescafe’s richness!


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