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A Treatment for Coronavirus

This might sound a big rough but I have to be honest...

The government/W.H.O. can pay NASA to detect & warn people about fake meteors/rumours but not appoint a group of scientists, virologists and experts to come up with a cure for all the impending illnesses and diseases that these pharmaceutical companies are finding too much to deal with? Lyme’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, etc. still don’t have a cure! Pharma brands pay big fat checks to scientists who later give big fat lectures and speeches as professors post retirement to earn more prestige & appraisals but frankly what are they doing for people and their health or medical science? All they do their whole life is conduct “experiments & researches” & when the time comes, they “boast” about these findings in books or TV networks. Anyway, moving on to a Coronavirus treatment... most pharma companies (which aren’t government driven, which have literally no pressure or obligation to aid people or come up with a remedy or cure) are “investing” in antivirals & vaccines not antibiotics, again simply because they are not facing any pressure not even from WHO. It’s a need of the hour but no one’s willing to create a drug or approve any within a year’s time, all we’re doing in relying on rehashes and common treatments which are used to stabilise serious illnesses but not the same.

Remdesivir actively blocks the pathogen/virus from duplicating itself by rendering it effectiveless... and how? The crown shaped virus latches itself to human protein because of which one cannot shatter it without damaging human chromosomes or cells, it then creates copies unlike cancer which spreads or multiplies like amoeba. This notorious, rampant virus hijacks the reproductive machinery of the protective cells (lining your lungs) and creates multiple copies or replicas using an in built enzyme, it then breaks out of the invaded cell & kills it before moving on to others. Remdesivir is easily incorporated by these enzymes which are vital for the coronavirus to facilitate duplication and it changes the structure of the duplicate RNA strands inside human proteins ie: DNA which are invaded by the virus, this changed structure doesn’t fit into the enzyme or module and it disrupts further genome production. If they approve this drug, it’ll be a life saver... but they can also create more alternatives which can detect the spiky virus on coming in contact with it and discern or distinguish it’s RNA from normal human protein or DNA, then latch itself to the virus or its RNA like the virus does to human body, encapsulate it and weigh it down into the blood stream to expel or deactivate it.


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