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Some of my best Moodboards & Aesthetic Edits

I love creating mood elevating moodboards & collages... each one has a theme, some message, a back story and a rich colour scheme. Apart from that, they all contain thought provoking quotes, inspiring images, edgy, sassy mag cutouts, Aesthetic photos, etc. There’s also a lot of editing, layering and blending involved. I love adorning them with quaint, fancy, vintage elements & graphics, I have also started creating my own PNGs...

“My moodboard are never going to be eccentric or blasphemous, I love creating whimsical, aesthetically appealing & elysian, timeless collages because it’s like an escape for me... a productive hobby or an art which stimulates creativity and also helps me decompress. Most of ‘em depict our favourite decade of the 90s... I keep them surreal but at the same time inoffensive & unique. For me, it’s important to focus on precision and detailing because they are also supposed to carry (and hide) a lot of secrets, shhh...”

Believe it or not, I have to hunt more than 7000 images to pick out the best ones! At times it gets tiring because it’s really not easy to do something this tedious in fibromyalgia... it requires a lot of patience.

P.S. “Dive deep for pearls below...”

I saved the best ones for the last. There are some favs in the middle too but my recent collages are at the bottom.


You can find them in higher resolution & better downloadable quality on


Beiges, Pinks, Blues, Greens & some more Pastels: