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Blind Love

Love is blind, lust isn’t... so whatever I’ve written here (initially) is mostly meant for the latter.

Lust is just a part of love, it cannot replace it but if that’s all you want then, to be *brutally* honest, well someone compelled me to state these facts & as a disclaimer: they might change the way you perceive things...

Being endearing makes you attractive unfortunately most men don’t understand that either because they feel “entitled” to every pretty young thing they see, irrespective of what they themselves look like or because they don’t think we deserve anything & are born only for them (someone even said that, while others agreed) to satiate their thirst or self-serving attitude. I HAD TO ADD THE FOLLOWING CUZ SOME OR THE OTHER MALE PERSON IS SURELY GOING TO COMMENT HERE & SAY “ONLY FEMALES HAVE TO BE ALLURING ACCORDING TO THE BASIC LAW OF ATTRACTION” Who created it? Egoistic men to get mute, passive, subservient women? Women always have attractive options in everything & they are more aesthetically inclined by being into fashion, style, fancy paraphernalia, makeup etc. So it’s natural for them to be more selective on the basis of LOOKS, FACE, APPEARANCE & PERSONALITY. I’m compelled to say this:

If we aren’t turned on or lubricated enough then it’s a struggle & it’s as bad as “rape”... so next time, think before you screw up a delicate girl with feelings! Most of us end up being frustrated but we stoically compromise & acquiesce to keep other people happy.

Thought the world is coming to an end so I better say it! Men don’t have assets to offer like women do... so they obviously need height, youth and a pretty face to attract us Or else what are we in for? What will arouse us? Are we sitting here to get raped like some subservient sex slave? Stop pressurising girls to look good and check ur own reflection in the goddamn mirror first!

Men should stop living in denial,

it’s unhealthy for them to staunchly believe that “women fall in love with their ears and men with their eyes”. If it’s true love, they’ll both fall in love via their ears, with each other’s

H E A R T B E A T S.

The guy who shared this quote said this when I asked him “Why should only women bear all the pressure to look good? Either they both get superficial or they sensibly prefer personality over looks & show some maturity and emotional depth”:

“The porn industry WHICH IS PRIMARILY AIMED AT MEN & BEING A VISUAL MEDIUM clearly signifies that women peacock their beauty to attract THE MALE gender, for their “attention” and men are visually driven CREATURES... so i’ll like to agree but YOU ARE WRONG.”

Well as a reality check, it also clearly signifies that women are always at a loss because men have unappealing bodies, they have nothing to arouse us, we really don’t care about your hard rock abs or avocado/coconut shell-thick-bulky muscles if we can’t even rest our head on ‘em! Like whoever said its the best pillow in the world never dated an instagram model which are err 99% of them. Nowadays guys like being unapproachable in every aspect even if modelling isn’t their profession. - That’s my input. Like what are we supposed to do? Doll up and serve ourselves on a silver platter to you? What’s in it for us? Where’s our benefit? Don’t you get it? Women want to be Loved, Admired they don’t want to be fed...”

He went on arguing with me and asking why women “vie for attention”, why do they wear makeup, why don’t men wear makeup, etc.

First of all his mentality is extremely primitive, not to forget chauvinistic & misogynistic too! He is coolly and blatantly commoditising women without having any regard for how it would make them feel if they are not beautiful, at all! Or if they are suffering from body dysmorphic disorder... I’m pretty sure he is one of those who blame “makeup” and attire for rapes, he literally means unattractive women shouldn’t even exist! Since MEN are CLEARLY “Visually Driven...”

Dude, a few months ago, another naïve insecure girl was frantically searching for remedies to look ideal because she too wanted guys to “treat” her WELL or with RESPECT and she was told this by a doctor (btw he also said that he is married and his wife isn’t flawless, nor is he but they share something called ‘love’, he further added that those guys who idealise porn stars or constantly refer to that industry, as in live by what they are being shown there are immature! Anyway this is what he had to say: “Porn stars” go through a lot of surgical procedures to look flawless, they get multiple things (some are forced to ‘perfect themselves’ against their will) done which are not even recommended... which can literally prove fatal so please don’t ever aspire/wish for something like that.”

I’ve also read this somewhere “A flawed diamond is worth a lot more than a pebble without imperfections.”

Anyway whatever the guy on T A L K L I F E said left a deep impact on my mind as it sounded so heartbreaking and despondent. I immediately came up with a list of surgeries to help me fix myself... not because I want “some man” but because I don’t want to be alone. I’m not afraid of the dark or loneliness, I hate to say this but I’ll have to yet again mention here that I sit in total darkness, day and night, I keep the curtains drawn in and the lights switched off, everyday, I haven’t left my room since the past 10 months, I avoid all sorts of reflective surfaces including mirrors and I detest my own shadow... I try to evade it too.

Another guy told me very rudely that you can’t blame men for your “low confidence”... just because you “can’t be with the guy you love!” He also went on to say, “Even if you would’ve looked pretty, he still wouldn’t have liked you because your personality would’ve remained the same...” he doesn’t even know me, it was an anonymous ID! Dude, that guy (I love) chose Aishwarya (catfish id) who was actually me, my own personality channelled by a curvy, “hot” beauty! I’m curvy too, but not like a ball... I’m not saying she was or that 501 is into unhealthy people but jokes apart, she was I don’t know... someone he would apologise to -for one late reply and be courteous with... he never said sorry to me, not even once and he never even thanked me for those 11 gifts. Anyway, she was pretty, pretty lucky.

There’s more to the story and I just don’t want what happened to repeat. I don’t want anyone to hate me and back then (I don’t know the reason behind his hate but) it‘s not like I wasn’t pretty, I was just not white as flour or thick! To be extreeeemmeely honest and I don’t like this. It’s cheapness. I don’t want anyone wincing at me, I have fibromyalgia, I can’t look that great, there are days when I’m weary and down, groggily flushing in pain.

Whatever, calling men “creatures” sounds equally twisted and let me tell you, we are not animals who only work on 5 senses, we have something called common sense and emotions too!

But if you are still inclined on being acutely logical (like the previous guy) then here...

Women have assets to offer unlike men, to paraphrase that... please bear in mind that I was compelled to write this after almost killing myself:

Assets as in female genitals, our body, silhouette, everything is always attractive, we are more delicate and thus less intimidating...

whereas men have literally nothing to lure women, they choose lust over love even when love is blind and they stand no chance for lust because frankly who is interested in your d!ck? Who gives an eff about it? They are despicable. Eww.

So you better have a handsome face or height if you want something SUPERFICIAL. On the contrary, facial charm doesn’t always work on everyone... some still dig personality and wits.

Our face doesn’t matter much ‘cuz like I said, that’s not the only thing we’re relying on...

It empowers some women but then there are a few who try everything to make you fall for their personality, they offer more than what you demand for. They want you to know them & appreciate and admire their inner selves, they want their soul to reflect in everything they do for you...

I’ll like to end it with another fact that “looks” can be deceptive.

What do women generally look for?

You gotta be either witty, charming, stylish, caring, funny, intelligent, sophisticated or probably all of the above.

And even if you are a complete loser... well I don’t know much about the one I love & I’m hoping whatever I know is enough for love never has a ‘specific reason’, if it does, it loses its meaning;

coming back to your personality, we can love you even if you are a total loser but you should learn to appreciate that!

What lures a woman?

Other than a handsome face or height? Money? I’d like to call it ‘Financial Stability’, your thoughts, nature, disposition, attitude, etc. DECENCY makes a man extremely attractive as it’s elusive and rare to find in men. So does your behaviour towards children... sensitivity, conduct, psychological maturity and emotional depth. My type would be a (mature) hardworking lad, like Charles Dickens London Pip... it’s just something I find very adorable. Also because I feel my greatest talent is

“hard work.”

If you show care, sincerity and trustworthiness, any woman would be naturally drawn towards you. Both the genders strive hard to impress each other yet some believe only women should deal with all the pressure to be more appealing or precisely appetising. Your thoughts, cute talks, coyness, individuality, behaviour too can arouse feelings of tenderness and love and make you adorable and loveable.

Another issue with most men is that they want free benefits and they also want each and every girl to be uninhibitedly accommodative with them... they actually believe women are only made for one thing. They have a self serving nature which is the most horrible aspect I’ve come across and dealt with. It’s insensitive & baleful to those who literally have no one or nothing in life. They don’t want to understand that some of us are territorial and we will only get close to the one we love, we will consider their vulnerabilities only if we love them dearly.

We want to establish a special bond, nothing more or less ‘cuz you only live once and love is the best feeling in the world, who would want to miss out on that?

Lastly, men are clearly at a loss because women are prettier.

To be fair, men are undeniably stronger but they are supposed to protect and take care of us just like you care about something you love, something nice and precious. I had already realised this before P.C. worded it out that ‘women are internally stronger...’ which according to me obviously means they can help men when they are unable to help themselves. They can withstand the storms of time, they are not easily perturbed, they can provide emotional support & give rational advices even in the most challenging situations. Men or women, they both need their better halves to “navigate the gift of life” *yawns* (can‘t disagree though) and make the most of it.

Trust me, guys should worry more about winning your heart instead of filling up your eyes as in with tears or aesthetics or both. Girls never do that, not intentionally, I’m not saying we’re better. We are just prettier, indeed and pretty enough, we don’t have to doll up for anyone. Because no matter what we do, if effort & potential aren’t attractive to you, you’ll never acknowledge our beauty. If your eyes can’t see beneath the skin... then they might probably never see what lies in our heart.

Even if a girl is unattractive, she has every right to be in love & to be loved and accepted with equal respect. She’ll still be the sweeter one, sweeter than men.

P.S. Girls don’t do makeup for men (some like me don’t do it at all) we do it to enhance our looks as we are blessed with delicate features that can be ‘beautified’. We do it for self confidence, to feel pretty, to create different looks, etc. It’s a form of #art and men are as much into this as women, they too enhance their jaw structure with artisanal beards and all...

I am never going to support the age old combination of boring, loser guys & trophy girlfriends or stunner wives (whom they can carry along as an "accessory", something they can boast of at family gatherings & dinner parties) it has to stop.

It's unfair. We are not supposed to be objectified like some exquisite porcelain chinaware... I have seen a lot of lives getting ruined due to fetishist husbands who only get married to aggressively satiate their desires like desperate nymphomaniacs, I have seen people close to me being subjected to all of that, their own husbands make them uncomfortable, effing stop. I can't take this bullshit anymore. Go fuck yourself.

Date like humans, don't mate like animals.

No one's born to serve you.

Additional Notes:

Ouch! This will hurt... it is a double edged sword.

So one girl wrote “I have something called a self respect & no I don’t want to give that away just to hook up & join ur lil club” which is true cuz no one wants to be a desperate easy lay... most guys here are themselves not interested in flings but they deliberately say that cuz they want to take it up as a challenge, like someone once told me “it has become very elusive these days” after the world became more aware of opportunistic Fuckboys so they just want to PROVE themselves, they want to see how many girls would actually give away this self respect for their “good looks” NOW ILL BE MORE HONEST... NONE of the Indian actors or models I’ve met on any of those dating apps, NONE even the Star Plus & MTV one’s, NONE of them were that irresistible... the attraction was only one sided, I didn’t meet anyone like I said even after swiping them right cuz they weren’t good looking enough and love is blind, lust isn’t but that is exactly what they were looking for... only a SPANISH DUDE who was in actual sense very Charming, Tall & Handsome but then he was too attractive for me to be one of the many for him.


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