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“Be-ing Yourself” vs Being Confident in your own skin

The above “phrase” is often (astutely) misused by those who want to quote things for their own benefit. People ask you to “be yourself” even when you are being exactly who you are because what they actually mean by that is - you are not being “something” they want to see, you are simply being who you are or what you really wish to be ie: to live up to your full potential with no restrictions and complete liberty.

This applies everywhere including things that make us conscious about ourselves like dressing up in a certain manner or wearing something that might not “suit us” according to most of ‘em... I’ve seen this happening a lot; a dark girl will be expected to look like an Ethnic Goddess or a Dusky Diva with tons of bronzérs and beautifying oils soaking her tanned skin, bringing out her oomph factor & seemingly enhancing her “natural glow” when all she wants to be is a pink (English) rose or Barbie! Why can’t she choose an icy pink blush over the repeatedly suggested coral-rust? Why can’t she wear white? Because it’ll make her look darker? Why do people stereotype others and expect them to live on “their terms?” We all have certains moods & whims... Similarly a fair girl would be advised to wear colours that’ll make her look “less paler...” when it comes to clothes, chubby girls are asked to avoid dresses and skinny legs can’t wear shorts according to those who want to see more flesh on our thighs, we can’t wear over knees ‘cuz it doesn’t suit our climate, we can’t dance, act, talk etc. if it doesn’t suit who they think we are and we can’t be funny, humorous, smart, witty, sarcastic, flirty, stylish, dramatic, whimsical or opinionated as our natural selves simply ‘cuz it doesn’t blend with our unappealing (ordinary) appearance... one has to be glammed up like celebrities or movie stars for that, if they have an interesting story to share or if their life, for the very least is somewhat cinematic, they’ve gotta look equally attractive to narrate it. Most people lose interest in what you have to say once they see your face. We can’t even have tad bit of an attitude (which is natural in youngsters/youth) just because we’re too ugly for that, we can’t take a stand for ourselves or speak out, voice our opinions, etc. ‘cuz we don’t have a right to do that either, we are expected to act according to our looks! They don’t want you to be yourself, they want you to do what would “suit” you instead. It’s like ugly people don’t have a right to be confident, they don’t have any right to fall in love or to (if not anything) hear romantic songs because they might be fantasising about someone or something like being pretty, admirable, ‘admired’... in their thoughts and that’ll make everything so cringy and corny, right?

Seriously grow up.

Let people dream, hope, wish, pray, love, live and be who they. want. to. be.

If it bothers you, shut your eyes and move on!


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