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Another Coincidence

These few moodboards will go well with the post! You’ll find downloadable HQ quality on

I share most of my moodboards & collages there.

Pssst... I know that guy’s secret-s since November 2019.

As for us, all I can say is maybe its supposed to be that way, my love was meant to be a blessing for him & a curse for me, maybe we were always destined to be in a love-hate relationship where he hates and I love.

P.S. None of the above as in divinations, cards, tarot in general have influenced my mind, actions, disposition or rationality in any manner. I noticed all the synchronicity & relatability when I did a few readings and explored the whole deck. Also, I keep having coincidences... so it could be just one of those many, as close to 370 coincidences I’ve had in the past one year.

Speaking about spirituality, God really does exist... I was thinking about him & the whole birthday fiasco cuz I had a dream about the gifts. I was constantly agonising over it while looking up for flat white sachets & surprising I came across this👇🏻its a message, out of context!


Zara Céleste


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