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A Friendly Reminder

I still remember those whisper days 😢and it’s not like I’m in a better world now... there is literally no one to talk to & seeing women being relentlessly objectified is very frustrating, that is all I read n hear on TL too #same complains #have some shame #wordporn #dating #hating

So here’s the deal... I never expected anything from him but I was callously derided and asked to “move on” & when I said I was looking for someone in 2016 to get over him, it’s not like I’m a “stuck up”, I was told that my love isn’t true... (I can’t say who that person was and they’re not the only one to ridicule others with self contradictory statements) I’m feeling extremely bad about the “widow” part but I had to be clear, we’re not in the 60s anymore... I will love him till the end of time but I’m not born to be alone.

It’s sad that a lot of people believe u don’t deserve to be happy.


To those who need this:

I’m sorry you have an incomplete love story & ergo, an unfulfilled life. It has been terribly unfair and I wish you get your much deserved chance to be loved for who you were, you are and all that you can be.

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